Lord, when was it that we saw you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and did not take care of you?  Then he will answer them, Truly I tell you, just as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it for me.
Matthew 25:44,45 (NRSV)

The Orthodox Brotherhood of St Anastasia was founded as a charity in 1992.  Both clergy and congregation take part in the work and there are now over sixty workers.  The Brotherhood was named after St Anastasia since this saint was known for her mercy when she cared for Christians in prison bringing healing both to their bodies and souls.  Following her example the Brotherhood works in two main areas: helping people in prison and working in health care.

Brotherhood priests serve in a prison at the Metallostroy settlement and a juvenile prison at Kolpino.  Brotherhood members provide spiritual support to prisoners in prisons across Russia by writing letters and sending Christian literature, audio-cassettes, foodstuffs, medicine and clothing.  A project to rehabilitate former prisoners has been set up in the village of Pashitny, Pskovskaya region.  Here there is a house and a small farm where former prisoners can live and work.  A small church has also been constructed not far from the house.

The health care work is organised within the Brotherhood by the Pokrov Sisterhood.  This Sisterhood was formed by people concerned about the quality of care received by sick people.  There are now over forty people involved in the work.  Sisters/Brothers of Mercy work voluntarily in the Pokrovskaya and Marinskaya hospitals and also in the Childrens Hospital No 3 (infections clinic).  Here basic care is provided for seriously ill patients along with spiritual support for those who want it.  Sisterhood members study on a primary six-month medical course at the Medical College No 6.  It is also possible for them to complete the full nurse training course and receive a recognised qualification if they so wish.  Subjects in theology are studied alongside the medical training.

An important aspect of our work is that undertaken with disadvantaged children through the Dom Miloserdia childrens shelter.  This state centre for social rehabilitation is housed within the Brotherhood building.  The shelter runs as a community.  Many shelter workers are also church members.  In summer the shelters children go on holiday to a house in the village of Vellibitzy, Novgorod region.  It is here that the 'first stages in social adaptation work is organised.

The Brotherhood has a care-home for sick people who would otherwise have no one to care for them.  Some of these old people in need of care are able to stay at the Pokrovskaya Obitel where specialist treatment is made available.

Vitassie youth club is run by the Brotherhood and held within its building.  Its motto is For Russia, For Faith!  Each week about forty young people attend Vitassie lessons and events.  For six years Vitassie has held a summer camp in the Pskovskaya region not far from the Brotherhoods rehabilitation centre.

The Brotherhood plans to organise an overnight shelter and soup-kitchen for homeless people.

The Brotherhood is able to carry out its work through funding received from individuals and organisations.  Money is also raised by publicity events/exhibitions, charity sales of hand-made goods and other business ventures carried out in accordance with the Brotherhoods charter.  All received finance is used in our charity work.

The Brotherhood successfully works in education.  It organises workshops, conferances and exhibitions.  Since 1997 we have produced a newspaper called Gorod Zolotoy (The Golden City).  The Brotherhood actively supports the broadcasting of Christian programmes such as Golos Pravoslavnia (The Voice of Orthodoxy).  Their Christian audio-cassettes have been sent to many people and organisations for many years.  Each Sunday the Brotherhoods priests talk about the Christian Orthodox faith in the Church of St Anastasia (located in the Brotherhoods building) and also in the Church of Prince-Saints Theodor, David and Constantine.

There is a working library at the Brotherhood containing books and literature on a variety of theological subjects.

Thank you for your interest in our work.  If you would like to know more or feel you could support us in any way please contact us at the address below:


The Brotherhood of St Anastasia, 
199034 St Petersburg, 
Nab. Lt. Shmidta, d. 39, 
Tel/Fax: (007 812) 323-28-67


Bank Details: Bank St Petersburg Plc. 
Gavan Branch 
Account No: 40703280048000200899 (DM) 
Account No: 40703840048000200899 ($) 
Account Holder: St Petersburg Orthodox Charitable Brotherhood of St Anastasia



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